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Remember the saying; “Two is a Couple and Three is a Crowd?” Well in Marriage this statement is TRUE. The Marriage is specifically for the Couple and not a crowd. When you involve a crowd in your marriage it leaves no room for the married couple to navigate through life together. These crowds can consist of Family and Friends. Marriage is a job and the only CEO’s of it should be the Husband and the Wife. Having a crowd at the wedding is awesome but when it comes to the marriage it should only be them two people, with the covering of Christ in the middle. My first marriage included the crowd more than me and my Spouse. I thought I was getting some good advice from Family and Friends that were married and that were not. Needless to say, the crowd started to dissipate once our marriage started falling apart. No one gave us the necessary tools to build our marriage we only had the tools to tear down our marriage. It is so important to understand that in marriage you and your Spouse is on the same team. You can choose to be on the “Dream Team” where you are wishing your marriage is like someone’s else or your marriage can be on the “Winning Team” where you and your spouse put in the work to win in marriage and keep love on top!

Fun And Marriage

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