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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

When two people decides to get married, they do not bring half of themselves to the marriage so why do people say marriage isn50/50? I chose to disagree with that statement. If you are only giving 50% in the marriage who else is getting the other 50%? I’m just keeping it 100! If my husband told me he was only going to give 50% in our marriage and wanted me to give 100% do you honestly think I would have married him? How would that even work or survive as a marriage? The Bible says: Marriage (Traditional) is honorable among all (Hebrews 13:4 NKJV). So why would I only want my marriage to be honored by 50% when God said it should be honored by all? Do you go to work 50% of the time and at the end of the week be expecting 100% of your paycheck? No! So why would you think if you give only 50% you should get 100% in return? Giving 100% in your marriage may be 50% of what you may NOT want to do or expect to do but it’s your job in your marriage to abide by the vows you taken before God, your Spouse, Family, and Friends. When you and your Spouse give 100% you strive to create a “WHOLESOME” marriage and not a “HALFWAY” through marriage.

Fun And Marriage.

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